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“Easy Punch”™ is the trade name for the battery/electric automatic Punch Embroidery Machine that was invented in 1981.  With this inexpensive machine you can create beautiful, custom and “one of a kind” plush textures and a rich shaggy pile quickly and easily.  It is the only hand held automatic punch embroidery machine made in American with over one million sold.

The Easy Punch™ Machine is unique and allows you to create a custom and raised 3-D effect embroidery designs faster and easier.  It’s Automatic… just push the button and guide the machine along the pattern.  It can make up to 600 stitches per minute when using the 3V electric adapter or you can use 2 AA batteries. Now you can create wonderful designs for wall hangings, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, jackets, or hats using the Easy Punch Thread or regular Polyester sewing thread.

Discover how easy this lightweight tool creates beautiful embroidery at the touch of a button.  Take a tour through our website to learn more about the “Easy Punch™ Embroidery Machine” and the supplies and accessories we offer for this craft.  It’s being used by all genders, all ages and professionals with minimal skill required. Your embroidery projects go faster, easier with Easy Punch™


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